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Texas TRS Benefit Programs:



The Teachers Retirement System of Texas (TRS) is a pension fund that was established by the Texas Constitution in 1936. The following year, the Texas Legislature passed laws establishing TRS as the public entity to administer that trust fund.

The TRS retirement plan provides service and disability retirement benefits and death benefits.


Current TRS responsibilities for the retirement plan include:


Members benefit in several ways from the TRS tax-qualified status:




Standard Annuity

The standard annuity is the maximum payment for TRS retirement benefits. It enables the retiree to receive a maximum amount each month and ends upon the retiree’s death.


Formula for Calculating Standard Annuity

Years of Service times Percentage Factor times Average Highest 5 Years equals Yearly Maximum Standard Annuity


                                             EXAMPLE: 28 years x 2.3%=64.4% x $55,000=$35,420


Maximum Standard Annuity for 12 monthly benefit amounts of $2,952

The standard annuity may be reduced due to early age, retirement annuity payment option selected, PLSO or other reductions required by law.


NOTE: Certain members are considered “grandfathered” and therefore, eligible to have their standard annuity calculated using the average of the highest 3 years annual salaries. To be eligible to be “grandfathered,” you must have met at least one of the following requirements as a member:



As you can see, the average retired teacher makes quite a bit less than their normal paycheck. 



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